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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4th April, another internet cafe on Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Another day, another blog entry. We had a fairly easy day today. Breakfast at our hotel wasn't much to write home about. We sat around after this enjoying the view from our balcony up a hill, the sort of view youd normally pay big bucks to have.

After this we wandered into town to look at the place in the light, and explore the beaches. This involved hopping over rocks, and we found some amazing little coves en route. We ended on The Long Beach which had incredible sand and crystal clear turquoise water. I think its fair to say you know youve had a good holiday if you think you could sell your holiday snaps to Mars for them to use in selling Bounty Bars, and this is one such trip. The snorkelling was pretty good here as well. Better then the supposed snorkeling trip we did on Ao Nang.

Mentioning Ao Nang reminds me of a couple of things I'd neglected to mention previously. One was the sefood restaurant we stopped at for dinner one night, called Wang Sai. Normally they have an array of various fish to coose from: tuna, kingfish, snapper which they had here. They also listed grouper which we chose. This meant we were taken to a tank and chose our own still swimming fish for dinner. One minute he was swimming around, probably wondering what to do tomorrow, the next he was steamed in chilli and garlic and quite delicious. Ain't life a bitch?
Also, that very night we wanted to find a bar afterwards, but most of them were shut. we found one doing a great happy hour of cocktails for 85B until 11. however, after just one they shut up at 10, all because of the damned election. This was the 2nd, the day of the vote, though the polls had closed at 3pm, seven hours earlier. Out of four nights two were impaired by some stupid law just because they were having a snap election three years early. Thank you Mr Shinawatra!

One last thing I forgot to mention was the street of seedy bars in the town which we wandered down on the last night. It was like a mini Patpong (the heart of the Bangkok sex tourism street) complete with armies of Thai girls, and chrome poles for the to gyrate around. This was all well and good (actually, we didnt see any of the poles in use), but the thing that made the place unbearable was the fact that every bar had a huge soumd system each playing a different tune at top volume, so you couldn't concentrate on any one tune. I now know what Hell will sound like.

Anyway, we are going to try to book a snorkelling trip tonight, and have dinner. Not sure what we'll have tonight. There is a nice looking all you can eat buffet for 199B (less than 3 quid) which might be an option if we feel really hungry.


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