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Saturday, March 18, 2006

18/3/06: 0 days

Location: Swinton, UK

Today's the day. Taxi's booked, most of our stuff is packed, just one or two small things to do like get out some cash. Yesterday we bought the last of the things we need: our luggage, and we thought we'd use the day to take in one of those traditional British things that we might miss while we're away: pubs . Well, not that we won't have more than the odd drink while we're away, but you don't get proper "pubs" where we're going. Or decent bitter for that matter, or affordable red wine, or sausage and mash, or steak pie. Or cold weather

I noticed the Queen has been in Singapore the last couple of days on her way back from the Commonwealth Games in Australia. Unfortunately she's leaving sometime today, so we won't get the chance to trade stories about our travels with the Windsors. You know, where they have the best Happy Hour, the best chicken rice or the best bar to watch the football. It's a little known fact that Elizabeth II is a huge football fan, and was a regular at The Dell in the seventies, but rumours of hooliganism meant that she had to give up her season ticket when she became a grandmother.

Next time I update the blog we should be in another country


Blogger Stew said...


Nice blog!

How long are you and your lovely wife spending in SE Asia? Is it a couple of weeks, or a "grown-up gapper" affair?

I look forward to reading more about your trip.


6:26 AM


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