Our blog for our trip to the far east. Taking in Singapore, Thailand, Laos and home before and after we leave

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

22/2/06: -24days

Location: Wigan, Greater Manchester, UK

So this is our first entry on our blog before we go to Singapore, Thailand and Laos.
Less than four weeks to go, and most of the accomodation and transport is booked right now. The best thing we've bought so far (well, as far as I am concerned) is a new Swiss Army knife since the old one disappeared at some point, possibly on our last big trip to Malaysia back in 2004. It's a guy thing. Suffice it to say, if there are any crises involving horses getting stones stuck in their hooves, I'm locked and loaded

We've had one minor hiccup involving Tiger Airways who ballsed up a booking, despite contacting them by phone twice, and ended up in us paying twice for the same flights. Having said that, given that this is a budget airline it's not a huge amount of money. We are still waiting to hear back from them having sent them a letter telling them it was their fault. If that doesn't work we take it up with our credit card company and let them get mediaeval on their asses (whatever that means, possibly something involving the black death, crusades and "hey nonny nonny"s)

Otherwise preparations are moving ahead. My fitness regime is still ongoing, and I've even managed to get Jane to up her visits to the gym to get ready for the more strenuous things, like the sea kayaking in Phi Phi we are planning and the snorkelling.

No pictures, because who the Hell wants to see Wigan?